Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 29

English 101 Day 29

1. Here’s the news: I have an appointment in Seattle to see a doctor tomorrow and won’t be in class. I would still like to do the whole class critique of an essay. So, this means I’m changing the due date for the paper until Wednesday. We will still have plenty of time to review the book and to work on Essay Three.

2. H/W: Read Chapter 23

3. Hand in study guide

4. Bonus points—Poetry reading next Wednesday from 7-8 un Writing Center.

5. Blog comments due next Tuesday. Copy and paste into word. Make sure your name is on them. Only your comments. Count them up/number them.

6. Remember: More drafts, writing center, work harder, see me.

7. Rubric scoring for the narrative essay.

8. Help with dialogue.

Tips on Dialogue (probably for 1255 class only today. 1030 class will cover this on Friday)

Movies with great dialogue: Tarantino, Juno, Linklater, Kevin Smith, Coen Brothers, David Mamet, Casablanca, China Town, Aaron Sorkin, The Wire (David Simon), Deadwood, Sopranos.

Listen to how people talk to each other

• Most of it is the weather.

• He's like a bull in a china shop…

• Eating out. Bars. Waiting rooms. Cell phone jerks. At the checkout.

More notes on dialogue:

Dialogue is not real speech, but it should sound like it.

• Cut words and phrases that don't move things along

Don't use dialogue to provide exposition—keep it to three sentences or less.

Break it up with action—remind us they are physical

Vary signal phrases, but keep it simple. Don't use elaborate signal phrases (she expostulated, he interjected)

Avoid stereotypes in dialect, but…

• Huck Finn

• To Kill a Mockingbird

Don't over use slang/profanity. "Slang goes sour in a short time." –EH

Do “rough it up” with contractions.

Read a lot. Note good/bad

Punctuate correctly

Start a new paragraph when changing speakers.


Eva Chavez said...

very interensting to hear some tips for dialog. i think i would have to work harder on make the dialogs more like a real speech.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I like the grading points the students gave for the second essay. those points will help me to improve my essay.

KendraG said...

I read alot of books and I think that it really helped my write my dialogue. It helped me when to think about what I would say in that situation and to think about what an author in a real book would say.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I like the graind rubric too... Amber's idea was smart :) I am sooo glad we have been really discussing this essay in class.. it has helped me make sure I am on track and that my paper is the best it can be :) I've really improved on my writing :) P.S. Mr Peters... hope your appt. goes well.. we'll miss ya! (well... we like the day off but ya know... we're sad about the reason we have Friday off )

JIH said...

I liked the tips for dialogue! I love to read, and compare the dialogue in the different books I read!

Betty Boop said...

The way we choose to score the rubrics was fair. also the information we shared in class was very helpful.

RyRog26 said...

I think that the tips for dialogue will be very helpful for the essay. I also agree that the grading rubric is more than fair.

Unknown said...

Now I can have more time to work in my essay #3.I hope I can reach all spectives.

Katie said...

The extra info about the dialogue is helpful, I wasn't sure how to correctly format it in my writing so this is useful.

AMH6871 said...

It helps to look in the book to see how the dialog goes. for example, The comma comes with in the quotations.