Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 21

English 101 Day 21

From last week—let’s see if we can get a conversation going.

Chapter 5: How Do You Shoot the Monster?

a. Tenant farmers

b. Tractor driver muzzled and goggled by…

c. Who is taking it?

d. Why?

e. What happens to the small farmer once it’s gone

i. Jefferson Agrarianism—this is an essay option.

2. This weekend in “Occupy”

3. NYTimes Occupy Wall Street.

4. How did we get here? Does anyone know the history?

5. How has it impacted you?

6. Who do you blame? What did the small farmer do wrong? What did the real estate agents or banks do wrong?

7. What’s been done about it? What should we do about it?

From last week:

Themes: One Big Soul, Unity in Family (Nuclear and of Man), Big guy v. Little Guy, Agrarianism, The evils of Capitalism

7—Car salesman.
8—Meet the Joads 67-74; 75-80; 81-85
9—Selling your life’s work
10—Leaving the Land 90-97; 98-105; 106-114

Six Groups

Each group: A passage to read aloud—pick parts if you have them.

An essay question to ask the class about the passage.

Some of this conversation will be continued Tuesday.

H/W: Read Chapter 11 and 12

Quiz Ch. 1-12 Tuesday


eva chavez said...

chapter 8 was really interesting to me because i got to know Ma, Pa, Grandpa, and Grandma, and Noah. i got surprised that Pa mistreated Noah when he was a baby.And, i also got surprise to know what happened to uncle Jonh's dead wife.

Anonymous said...

I thought class was interesting today... I sort of live in a shelter bubble... I never really realized a lot about home foreclosure and wall st. and such... it was a real eye opener to me, and even though it doesn't effect me as much (cause I am still pretty young), it was something one should know. Very insightful class today... chapters 7-10 were good, and really helped develop the story... I feel like I have a better understanding of the characters and their situation now :)

Anna Diaz said...

I'm glad we learned about banking and home foreclosures because now I understand how payments increase after so many years and how you end up paying more in the end if it's not paid by a certain amount of time. I'm also enjoying reading the Grapes of Wrath and I look forward to writing my essay.

kwilso73 said...

I found chapeter eight also interesting. I also feel bad for the things that alot of the people had to go through in the chapter.

Betty Boop said...


Katie said...

This was a good quiz, I love this book and I can't wait to get it finished!

JIH said...

I enjoy the conversations we have in class about the book, I can't wait till we start them up again, after essay 2 is turned in.