Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 46

Day 46 English 101 Fall 2011

You call yourself a salesman? Coffee's for closers.

1. Essays returned

2. 1030 will have their essays back Thursday.

3. You have until Monday at 12 noon to turn in revised version of 1-2 of your essays. Revised version must include version with my comments. Hard copies of each version only, please.

4. Cover letters still due Friday (1030 class) and Thursday (1255 class).

5. Learn from Leons.

6. MLADM2KXI: The Reckoning Cometh

7. Tomorrow: 1030 class meet in the lab—you’ll have time to ask me questions, to work on your cover letter or to work on revising an essay; 1255 class meet here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 45

Fall 2010 English 101 Day 45

1. Learn from Lindsay and Leon and the Tour De Dumb

2. Homework: Cover Letter due Friday (1030) and Thursday for 1255 class.

Final, Final revised version of 1-2 of your essays due Monday at Noon in front of my office.
I'm working on Essay 3, but if you didn't turn it in via email, and you're waiting on my feedback, you're limiting your options for revision. I'd start now on one or both revisions.

3. Hand in Portfolio Revision Worksheet.

4. MLADM2KXI: Round 1.
a. Put that coffee down! Coffee is for closers! EARMUFFS.

5. Tomorrow, round two: MLADM2KX: 2 Fast, 2 Fuious, 2 Modern Languagey
6. Tomorrow, also, all bp from comments on the blog. Cut and paste into a document and number the comments.

Business Letter Format

Here's one site.
Here's another.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 42

Day 42 English 101 Fall 2011

1. How to Grade Essay 3—Rubric review.

2. Hand in final draft of essay 3.

3. O/R

a. Y= first and last paragraphs

b. N= No reading

c. A plate of peas

d. Y=+/- 0

e. N= +/- 0

4. Two more assignments

a. Portfolio Review

b. Cover Letter

5. Next week: MLA Death Match 2011; Leon Lett, Leon Washington, Lindsey Jacobelis and the Tour De Dumb.

Monday, November 21, 2011

In California Last Week

Day 41

Day 41 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Read your essays aloud.

2. Grading Sample Peer Essay.

3. Homework: Final drafts due Tuesday; complete peer editing if you are not done today in class.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 40

Day 40 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Peer edit for second class—Hand in and hand back.

2. Volunteers for essay guinea pigs on Monday?

3. Revision Notes

4. Editing Notes

5. Read aloud?

If time, the end of Grapes of Wrath.

6. Homework: Final drafts due Tuesday; complete peer editing if you are not done today in class.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revising and Editing

1. Revision

Thesis statements

Add support


Topic Sentences should form paragraph




2. Editing

Sentence openings (esp It/There)

Capital letters/end punctuation

Signal phrases

Spelling—Spell check.




Proper names: Friedman, for ex.

Use a ruler

Read backwards

Read aloud

Day 39

Day 39 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Bonus Points—Poetry Reading, MLA?

2. Peer Editing—Complete the process.

a. In groups of four.

b. Trade papers with another person (don’t hand them around the table, trade them with one other person) and read each other’s silently, marking as you go.

c. Complete the peer editing form on both sides.

d. Discuss with author—go over every question point of the form.

e. Author asks questions they still have.

f. Repeat in another pair at your table.

3. Peer edit for second class.

4. If time, read essays aloud in groups of four.

5. If time after that, complete a scratch outline for your own essay.

6. Volunteers for essay guinea pigs on Monday?

7. Homework: Final drafts due Tuesday; complete peer editing if you are not done today in class.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OWS Gets the Hooverville Treatment

Coverage of the clearing of the encampment here.

Day 38

Day 38 English 101 Fall 2011

1. OWS is cleared out like a Hooverville on the edge of town. What happens next?

2. Bonus Points—Poetry Reading Tonight Night at Writing Center—10 pts. Did that get your attention? 7pm.

3. Bonus points Wednesday 16th, 9am, 11am, 1pm in the Writing Center.

4. Peer Editing

a. In groups of four.

b. Trade papers with another person (don’t hand them around the table, trade them with one other person) and read each other’s silently, marking as you go.

c. Complete the peer editing form on both sides.

d. Discuss with author—go over every question point of the form.

e. Author asks questions they still have.

f. Repeat in another pair at your table.

5. Hand in one copy of your essay with two questions at the top for the peer editor in the other class to address. This should be the essay with only your last four of your SID.

6. Thursday we will meet here to complete peer editing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Will Americans Do The Dirty Jobs?

Here's a quick link that relates to Grapes of Wrath and Today.

Labor Shortage

Here, caused in part by Alabama

Day 37

Day 37 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Bonus Points—Poetry Reading Tomorrow Night at Writing Center—8pts. 7pm.

2. Bonus points Wednesday 16th, 9am, 11am, 1pm in the Writing Center.

3. Essays returned to those who have not received them.

a. Check on bonus points, please. And my math.

4. Slowly, twice around the class for handwriting/see me’s.

5. It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.

a. The Importance of Grit

6. Grade reports so far.

a. Does not include attendance.

b. Does not include bonus points.

7. Thesis statement practice—clicker test.

8. Thesis statements on the board.

9. Go fast

a. Right on target, Narrow, Specific, Vivid Language

b. Fact

c. Too Broad

d. Too Vague

e. Language mixed up/unclear.

10. For tomorrow: Bring four copies of your essay. One of the copies should use your four digit Student ID only. 3-5 pages, double spaced.

Meeting Earl

Grapes of Wrath today, near Weedpatch

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 36

Day 36 English 101 Fall 2011

Quiz over 23-28—If you aren’t reading the book, you won’t do well on your essay.

Back in groups for Essay 3: 10 quotes, share with table. Give page numbers.

Noah in 2009.

Some tips on research.

Let’s look at a few more links.

For tomorrow: We will be in the lab for an hour of “discovery draft” writing time.

Web Evaluation Exercise

Using Guest workers/Immigration as a model.

What is credible?

Has it been edited/reviewed? (avoid the ~ in the URL)
Is the author an expert or a guy in his pajamas?
Is it trying to sell you something?
Does it have a "works cited" section?
Are there clues to bias?
Do they over-rely on emotion?
Does it looks cheesy?


Guest workers in WaPo

Guest workers won't work

Guest Workers won't work


If we look closer...

Let's try again

Look closer and...

How about on the other side?

To be "fair"

Treatment of Immigrants

en espanol.

Student sent links for essay 3

Live Wires -- Cold Arrival, Warm Memories -- Immigrant family has seen a lot of change in Valley in the past 43 years Yakima Herald - Republic. Yakima, Wash.:Jan 21, 1999. p. V8

U.S. Mexican Border Harder Than Ever to Cross MARY JORDAN and KEVIN SULLIVAN. Yakima Herald - Republic. Yakima, Wash.:Oct 31, 2002. p. 01A

Need for deploying Guard to the south hasn't been proved
Bill Lee. Yakima Herald - Republic. Yakima, Wash.:Jun 13, 2006. p. A.4

Immigrants arrested by ICE team 'knew this day was coming'
Eloisa Gonzlez. Yakima Herald - Republic. Yakima, Wash.:Nov 29, 2007. p. A.1

Immigrant Paisano
Sarah Jenkins. Yakima Herald - Republic. Yakima, Wash.:Apr 7, 2008. p. A.1

Dust Bowl information from PBS (rabbit lovers be warned)

I thought this was interesting...on housing:

More reasons, kind of:

Essay 3 Links

Here are the links from two years ago.

And here are some starting places from Wikipedia and Google Search:

Illegal Immigration on Wikipedia
In the US

Anti-Latino violence on the rise.
An anti-immigrant group in Yakima
Here's a news story about them.
New laws scaring off workers.

Factory Farms


Farm labor contractors in Yakima

Farmworkers and Unions in Yakima

Minuteman Project


Living with Less

From the New York Times on the new normal

This didn't work in my browser at school and might be a dead link.

Noah, 20009

And the Economy.
Say hello to Noah, 2009.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 35

Day 35 English 101 Fall 2009

Quiz Tomorrow over 23-28—If you aren’t reading the book, you won’t do well on your essay.

Essay 2: Some returned, some not. I lost track of who read their pieces and who didn’t. Check your scores now and see if I added in your points for reading. Also, check my math. I’ll talk more about the second essay when they are all returned. They may not be all returned until next Monday.

Essay 3

The idea with this second “academic” essay is to back off a little and let you find the right approach. For the WHT we walked through it together. Found examples of warnings and exodus in class, direct quotes, and we found websites to help with research and talked a lot about organization and thesis statements.

For this essay, the process is more open. For example, rather than find the quotes, we found the chapters to look in. This is the next step in writing a good essay. If you are pointed in the right direction, can you find the evidence on your own to support your main idea? (The step after this, one that instructors will want you to be able to do, is to decide on your topic and thesis by yourself and then find good evidence without being pointed in the right direction). For essay three, we’re still walking through it but not holding hands. You have narrowed topics and some help finding the information to support it.

The Writing Process.

Prewrite—Read, Discuss, Write, Annotate—Freewrite, Cluster, Questions, Research

Tentative Thesis—There are similarities between the Grapes of Wrath and the Yakima Valley

Organize into rough outline:

We could do this for two right now: Similar immigration experiences or Farmworker housing—these have ready made structures. Look for these when you’re picking your paper topic. The others will eventually have these, but they aren’t clear right away. Sometimes the organization won’t happen until you’ve written the rough draft and stand back.

The robot one seems this way to me. What are the body paragraphs going to be for that? Maybe different types or agribots, or agribots for one paragraph and automation in the fields for another and then maybe gps technology for the third, or automation for different parts of the ag. industry? Soft fruit, veg, dairy for example. But I don’t know and won’t until I do some research and the details begin to form pattern.

Draft—we will again have time in class on Thursday to get the rough draft started.



Final Draft

Let’s try this now: Using your lists of interchapters you found yesterday (can we put these back on the board?), find quotes that you could use to compare (find similarity) to the Yakima Valley. Make a list in a notebook—use the left hand margin line to put the page numbers in and write down all the quotes you think might be useful. Better to have too many at this stage. After you’ve been through all the interchapters, do the same thing for the “Joad” chapters. You should have pages of notes by the time you’re done with this step. When I was in high school we made notecards of these quotes for our research project. 20 is a minimum number—again more is better. The notecards are good because they can be moved around in the “organization” stage.
If you take notebook quotes and make notecards out of them, you can begin to edit the list down somewhat.

For tomorrow: a list of 10 quotes from GoW that are related to your topic. Include page numbers. (10pts prewriting). One bonus point for every five quotes after 10.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Big Dog robot.

Chapter 30

The Pieta

Day 34

Day 33 English 101 Fall 2009

1. Quiz Chapters 29-30 for 1255 clas

2. Illustrated Grapes of Wrath—complete discussion

3. Can we get the interchapters on the board?

4. 1, 3, 5,

5. 7, 9, 11,

6. 12, 14, 17,

7. 19, 21, 23,

8. 25 (title), 27, 29

9. Essay 3

a. Options

i. Get into groups according to your interests.

b. Work now on Why Here question 1:

1. Okies/Mexicans


i. Reasons for leaving

ii. Difficulty of the journey

iii. Treatment upon arrival

Friday, November 4, 2011

They called this Nicklesville in Seattle

And here's one from Sacramento

Seattle Hooverville

Hoovervilles in Seattle

Robots are Coming

For Your Job Click on the related videos for more terrifying glimpses into the future.

Day 33

Day 33 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Chapter 16, on the plains of Africa.

Bonus Points from last night?

2. Complete Illustrated Grapes of Wrath

3. Quiz Chapter 29-30—and congratulations with getting through the book.

4. What happens next?

5. A bit of the film.

6. Come Monday with an idea of what you would like to write your third essay about.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 32

Day 31 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Bonus Points. And tonight.

2. Essays back in about a week. Less or more.

3. Illustrated Grapes of Wrath—This will take today and part of tomorrow. It’s meant as a quick review before we work on the final essay.

a. For each section (2-3 people per group)

i. Title for section

ii. Quote from the section.

iii. Three Panel Illustration from the section

4. Chapters

a. 16a (185)

b. 16b (185 to end),

c. 18a (214)

d. 18b (214-end)

e. 20a (259)

f. 20b (260 to end)

g. 22

h. 24

5. Read Chapter 30—You will not be ready for the way the book ends.

6. Come Monday with an idea of what you would like to write your third essay about.

Chapter 16

All we got is the family unbroken. Like a bunch of cows, when the lobos are ranging stick all together.
--Ma Joad

page 169-170

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 31

English 101 Day 31

1. H/W: Read through chapter 29 for tomorrow.

2. Bonus points—Poetry reading tonight from 7-8pm in Writing Center. (tonight, instead of 5 bonus points, Hiler’s reading will be worth 7 bonus points to sweeten the pot).

3. Right after this class, too. 1130-1220 creative writing class.

4. Self-evaluation cover sheet.

5. Hand in final draft of essay two.

6. O/R Y/N?

a. Y= +2 pts

b. N= +/- 0 pts

c. Y= One page, from anywhere in the essay for narrative. And intro/conclusion in the literary analysis essays.

7. Meet here tomorrow, not the lab.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 30

English 101 Day 30

1. H/W: Read through chapter 28 for tomorrow.

2. Bonus points—Poetry reading next Wednesday from 7-8pm in Writing Center.

3. Blog comments due now..

4. Remember: More drafts, writing center, work harder, see me.

5. Rubric scoring for the narrative essay. (1030 remind me).

6. Self-evaluation cover sheet.

a. If you submit your work electronically, you will get your essays back much quicker than if you submit it on paper. Also, I think I do a better job of commenting on essays electronically.

7. Rubric scoring for literary analysis essay.

8. Before I forget—the college wants us to complete these surveys.

9. Clicker grading for sample essay.