Friday, May 25, 2007

Lesson Plan Day 45 English 101 Spring 07

Coherence notes (also, here and here)

  1. Quiz: Writing Exercise E-ex C4-2
  2. BP deal:
  3. More absence/bp opportunities:
    1. Tuesday 1130 poetry reading by Mark Halperin
    2. Tuesday 730, Parker Room, Jenifer Lawrence
    3. Thursday, MLK room, Prism reception/reading

  1. Still need a hook? Here's one for CNW and here's one for WR
  2. For Monday, from NPR, from YouTube
  3. For Tuesday: Two copies final draft essay 3. Focus on the change the character makes. Quote from the film/script. Toss/Keep headings, but DO INCLUDE TRANSITIONS BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. Works Cited required.
  4. Also Tuesday, the final week starts. Revised essays probably due the following Tuesday, June 5th.
aka: Flow, strong connections, glue, holds together, the thread

Three levels

  1. Within paragraphs
  2. Between paragraphs
  3. Between sections

  • But first, it’s logic/analytical reasoning
  • Second, it’s a thesis
  • Third, it’s organization

Finally, there’s the direct approach

Transitional tags (35 Hacker)

  • And, also, besides, for example, however, finally
  • Works best within paragraph
  • Can work between paragraphs
  • Beware of overuse—can seem clunky, forced.

Repeating Key Words (between paragraphs)

Establish these in your thesis/intro

Ex: In the movie Whale Rider Paikea goes on a journey to become the chief of her tribe. Along the way, she encounters both challenges and assistance as she goes from confusion and fear to clarity and courage.

What are the key words we can repeat to transition between paragraphs?

Link key words in last and first sentences (between paragraphs)

Ex: [paragraph on Paikea’s being tested by her grandfather followed by the summary sentence] As you can see, Paikea sadness shows she is still being tested by her grandfather’s actions.

His actions are offset, somewhat, by the help she receives from Rawiri and her Nann

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lesson Plan Friday

Lesson Plan Day 30? Friday Lab

Complete Peer Editing?

  1. Hand in Peer Editing Review
  2. H/B Rough Drafts (BP Opportunity: Monday Night 730 Parker Room)
  4. Finnegan is writing during 90’s. What has changed? How has the media changed? How has immigration changed? How have drugs changed? How have spending priorities changed? How have income disparity changed? How has the economy changed? These are all ways you can “update” his suggestions at the end.
  5. Solutions: Easier Said Than Done
    1. Two things: LIMIT your proposal to something less vague, more tangible.
    2. Suggest SPECIFIC ideas (mass transit? flex/mommy hours? ramps on/off for mothers? On site child care? V-chips/Internet filters? Treat drug abuse as public health issue, rather than criminalize? Boycotts for media pressure? Promise scholarships? DREAM Act? Extended family leave? etc)
    3. Consider, this weekend, finding sources for these with good numbers/expert testimony about what will help.

  1. A few sample essays
    1. Intros/Thesis
    2. Outline one?

  1. Time to work.