Friday, October 21, 2011

Works of Mercy

Here's a good list to use to compare the characters to the Christian values suggested by the literary critic.

Corporal works of mercy

Corporal Works of Mercy are those that tend to bodily needs. In (Matthew 25:31-46, in the The Judgment of Nations six specific Works of Mercy are enumerated, although not this precise list — as the reason for the salvation of the saved, and the omission of them as the reason for damnation. The last work of mercy, burying the dead, comes from the Book of Tobit.[3][4]

1. To feed the hungry

2. To give drink to the thirsty.

3. To shelter the homeless.

4. To clothe the naked.

5. To visit and ransom the captive, (prisoners).

6. To visit the sick.

7. To bury the dead.

Spiritual works of mercy

Not everyone is considered capable or obligated to perform the first three spiritual works of mercy if they do not have proper tact, knowledge or training to do so. The last four are considered to be the obligation of all people without condition.[4]

1. Instruct the uninformed

2. Counsel the doubtful;

3. Admonish sinners;

4. Bear wrongs patiently;

5. Forgive offenses willingly;

6. Comfort the afflicted;

7. Pray for the living, the sick and the dead.


Anonymous said...

Whoops... my above comment is for this post too :) Good exercise (my other comment elaborates more :) )

peaceOFmind said...

this was interesting to see that these 3 people all had many different works of mercy though the book.

Eva Chavez said...

I think that Ma, Tom and Casy are the main characters that show mercy. Specially Ma, she seems always thinking about the welfare of others.

Katie said...

This was another good exercize, you could write about any of the three characters.

JIH said...

This is definitely helpful for the people doing the Christian Values analysis. It is also just cool to look out and see the change and development in the character's values and personalities.

AMH6871 said...

I agree with katie we need to do this for the other characters. it was very interesting.