Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 30

English 101 Day 30

1. H/W: Read through chapter 28 for tomorrow.

2. Bonus points—Poetry reading next Wednesday from 7-8pm in Writing Center.

3. Blog comments due now..

4. Remember: More drafts, writing center, work harder, see me.

5. Rubric scoring for the narrative essay. (1030 remind me).

6. Self-evaluation cover sheet.

a. If you submit your work electronically, you will get your essays back much quicker than if you submit it on paper. Also, I think I do a better job of commenting on essays electronically.

7. Rubric scoring for literary analysis essay.

8. Before I forget—the college wants us to complete these surveys.

9. Clicker grading for sample essay.


JIH said...

I like the electronic submission, so I am going to do that again! Also thanks for the help with my essay!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peters... can you maybe post the grading rubric we used in class with the clickers today? If not.. that's okay.... oh hold up... its the same rubric as the one you gave us lol... okay nevermind :)

Martin said...

I have to agree with JIH, turning it in electronic worked great for me. I turned my first paper online and got my grade back pretty quick. I didn't have to worry over the weekend on what I was going to receive.

Anna Diaz said...

I'm glad we are given the option to email our essay. I think it's a lot easier for Mr. Peters to grade. Also, good thing we went over sample grading the essay in class, it now gives me an idea on where I stand with my paper.

Katie said...

The online essay submission is definately better than turning in a typed version, I would say we get more feedback when we email in our work, it's very helpful and I couldn't believe how fast I recieved my essay back.

Elizabeth said...

I'm interested to see how much more in depth Mr.Peters comments are on this essay. Hopefully I like it as much as everyone else :)