Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 10

101 Lesson Plan, Day 10

Quizzes back Monday

From your reading last night

An exercise on intros/thesis.


  • Acceptance
  • Race
  • Family
  • Love
  • Other?

Here’s how to get a good paper for Option 2:

  • Take one of these subjects and ask, what do the stories SAY about them in the process of coming of age? What are their morals?
  • Find three that say roughly the same thing. Put lesson they share in your own words. Avoid clich├ęs.
  • Then for each, show, using quotes, where you came up with your interpretation. This is where the money is: evidence.

Here’s how to get a good paper for Option 1:

  • What stories deal with ethnic/racial heritage?
  • Does having a strong heritage make it easier to come of age for this person?
  • Does having a strong heritage make it harder to come of age for this person?
  • Is it some of both?
    Pick 2 or 3 stories that seem to deal with this issue the most directly.
  • Explain how ethnicity/race influences the protagonists of these stories.
  • Quote from the stories and explain what the quotes mean.

Here’s how to get a good grade for Option 3:

  • Ask: What do the characters realize? for each story.
  • Which stories have “the world is kind” as a realization?
  • Which stories have “the world is cruel” as a realization?
  • Pick one from each side.
  • How did they come to this realization? What led up to it?
  • What happens after they have this realization? You may have to guess.

Here’s how to get a good grade on all options:

  • Reread the stories with the question in mind.
  • List quotes as you go.
  • Start the paper early.
  • Think like a reader. What do they need to be convinced?
  • Ask for help. (Me, Writing Center, Your Friend)

Steps in the Writing Process

Prewriting (TODAY)

  • Freewriting
  • Listing
  • Discussion
  • Five W’s
  • Read/Research
  • Invisible Writing
  • Mapping/Webbing

Scratch Outline (Homework: Due Tues)

Rough Draft (DueWed, Bring four copies)

Peer Review (Wed/Thurs)

Revise-essay level (Friday)

Edit-paragraph level (Saturday)

Proofread-sentence/word level (Sunday)

Second draft (MON 16th, bring 2 copies)




Main idea of an essay.

Usually stated DIRECTLY within the first two paragraphs.

Subject + Idea about the subject = Thesis)

Stated in a sentence or two.

Provides a “road map” for the rest of the essay.

Practice now:


Freewriting (10 minutes)

Listing (10 minutes)

Discussion (groups of 4)


For Monday, An introduction, including a good hook, naming of the authors and stories and a THESIS (main idea) statement for your essay. (/10 points)

For Tues, Scratch Outline: PARAGRAPH by PARAGRAPH topics with two-three quotes listed below each (/10 points) And, I might try something different.

For Wednesday, Rough Draft Due--Bring 4 copies

Monday, April 2, 2007

Lesson Plan Day 6 Monday

101 Lesson Plan, Day 6

1. Journal: A time you stole something.

2. Quizzes back Tuesday.

3. Essay Options and Due Dates

a. Rough Draft: Tuesday 4/10—bring 4 copies

b. Final Draft: Friday 4/13

4. Characters are revealed in the following way:

· Their Actions

· Their Choices

· Their speech

· Their Thoughts and Feelings

· Their Past

· Comments by other characters about them

5. Bastard Out of Carolina

a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

6. Summer Water and Shirley

a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

7. Spell of Kona Weather

a. Protagonist

b. Antagonist

By Monday: Summer Water and Shirley

“A Spell of Kona Weather”;

By Tuesday: What Means Switch,

By Wednesday: This Boy’s Life; (Quiz: Family Matters/Affairs of the Heart)

By Thursday: Eyes and Teeth; Marigolds