Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Essay 2: Departure, Setting

Essay Two: Setting

"If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it's not going to be fired, it shouldn't be hanging there."
–Anton Chekhov 
1.       Time & Place (physical environment)
2. Grapes of Wrath
For example: Greasy Lake, The Storm, 
                                          i.    Year
                                         ii.    Season
                                        iii.    Month
                                       iv.    Day of Week
                                        v.    Time of Day
                                       vi.    General Era
Place (physical environment)
                                          i.    Country
                                         ii.    State
                                        iii.    City
                                       iv.    Landscape
                                        v.    Climate
                                       vi.    House
                                      vii.    Yard/Surroundings


Anonymous said...

The exercise we did last Thursday goes a long with this. The whole strategic planning of setting and location has helped me in my narrative paper and has helped me get the mood I want in my paper. Thanks! :)

kwilso73 said...

i also agree with that. It has also helped me with my paper in the planning of it. Good exercise.

JIH said...

I found that all the exercises we did in class has helped with my writing.

Katie said...

I followed what you talked about by having a flashback sort of thing happening in the begining of my essay. It's a good hook to have an intense opening that later gets referred back to as you continue to read along.