Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 16

Fall 11 English 101 Day 16

1. Bonus Points?

2. Final Drafts Due Tuesday—bring copy of intro and conclusion, too.

3. Complete peer editing.

4. Grade sample essay.

5. Grade your essay. (use the rubric you picked up last week).

6. For homework: Read to chapter 5 by Wednesday in GoW.

7. Complete Peer Review, Review for Tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr. Peters for taking time to quickly do a one-over of my final paper :) Today was good... especially when you ended class by telling us to use the grading method we had used earlier on Katie's paper, to grade our own and to see how ours compared... very helpful :) Katie did a great job on her paper :)

Anonymous said...

Also Mr. Peters... thanks for setting up Angel... just saw it :) Another great tool even though this class blog has been AWESOME! :D Thanks again :)

Anna Diaz said...

Going over and sample grading Katie's essay helped a lot. It gave me an idea on how to improve my paper before I turn it in tomorrow. Thanks for going over how an essay will be graded.

Betty Boop said...

Having us review Katie's paper helped alot of us fix our last mistakes in our final draft. Let me tell you in came in handy...thanks

Katie said...

I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to have my essay read over in class. It was a huge help to me and I was able to make some changes to it with all of the feedback I got. I wasn't getting any negative feedback from my individual peer reviews, so this was a real help.

Katie said...

@ Kayla, Thanks! All the comments I got yesterday in class were very helpful. Your intro and conclusion today were both very well done. :)

kwilso73 said...

thanks you for doning one paper in class at least ot gave me a idea of what to try and fix on my paper.

Elizabeth said...

I love going over someone's paper before the final draft is due because it gives the rest of the class a chance to see what Mr. Peters is looking for in our final draft.