Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 25

English 101 Day 25

1. Bonus points today?

2. Bonus points this weekend.

3. Anybody off the truck?

4. Today: Christian Values, Agrarianism and Help with Rough Draft of Narrative Essay.

5. Christian Values as a class

6. Narrative help (we’ll discuss dialogue next week)

a. Characters

i. Look at how ma’s described.

ii. Try it with your own characters.

iii. Names?

b. Setting

i. Five senses

ii. Greasy Lake—if there’s a gun in the first scene, make sure it goes off by the end of the story, otherwise there shouldn’t be a gun there.

c. Plot

i. Beginnings

ii. Conclusions

7. H/W: Read to chapter 20 by Monday

Rough draft of essay 2 due TUESDAY 25th of October

Final Draft Due in two weeks (November 1st)


Eva Chavez said...

in this chapter 16, i liked how Ma rised her powerful voice and convince the others to stay toghether. it seams that when Ma speaks, she do it for a good reason, and the others admire her.

Anna Diaz said...

I'm enjoying reading this book. Watching the video clips today helped me see what the characters are like and how they are portrayed similarly in the book. It was funny watching grandpa in the clip.

Anonymous said...

@Anna... yes I agree! :) I was surprised at how different my mental pictures of the characters were very different from the director's idea. It was still very helpful to see the clips :) And once again, today's exercise was very good. I never really realized how often I just read through everything and how much I miss out on when I don't analyze or really ponder what I'm reading :) That is one thing that this class has helped me with... analyze my reading :)

peaceOFmind said...

The clips really do help i know its an old movie and I'm usually not interested in old movies but this one seems like one that i would enjoy think that i may rent it!

Katie said...

This book is very good, I love the detail and the dialogue is so well done. I wish I could write like Steinbeck. The video was good, I tried watching it earlier on netflix but once I saw that it was in black and white I shut it off. Now after watching the clip in class I want to actually watch it.

JIH said...

The book is good! I find I want to keep reading, and even though I have read it before, I am enjoying to read it all over again.

AMH6871 said...

I truly liked watching the video because it gave us faces to put on the characters but some one the characters were not the way I would of pictured them. The book is getting better and better, don't want it to end.