Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 46

Day 46 English 101 Fall 2011

You call yourself a salesman? Coffee's for closers.

1. Essays returned

2. 1030 will have their essays back Thursday.

3. You have until Monday at 12 noon to turn in revised version of 1-2 of your essays. Revised version must include version with my comments. Hard copies of each version only, please.

4. Cover letters still due Friday (1030 class) and Thursday (1255 class).

5. Learn from Leons.

6. MLADM2KXI: The Reckoning Cometh

7. Tomorrow: 1030 class meet in the lab—you’ll have time to ask me questions, to work on your cover letter or to work on revising an essay; 1255 class meet here.

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sal said...

it was fun working in groups again, you get to see the competitiveness in people