Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Essay 3 Links

Here are the links from two years ago.

And here are some starting places from Wikipedia and Google Search:

Illegal Immigration on Wikipedia
In the US

Anti-Latino violence on the rise.
An anti-immigrant group in Yakima
Here's a news story about them.
New laws scaring off workers.

Factory Farms


Farm labor contractors in Yakima

Farmworkers and Unions in Yakima

Minuteman Project



Kayla "Pack-a-nerds" said...

Once again, good links for our essay! :D THANKS!!!! :D

Martin said...

I read one of the articles on violence against Hispanics, and i thought it was weird it took place during national Hispanic heritage month.

Elizabeth said...

@ Kayla, something tells me your going to have a super awesome paper with all this info to look at. lol

AMH6871 said...

The links are good the the essay but still need more on my own research.

Kayla "Pack-a-nerds" said...

@Elizabeth... soooo you know how I told you I pounded out my paper yesterday in 5hrs? Well.. I totally couldn't find this link (and the other ones I thought were great)... until right now lol... sooo they're not in my paper :( hahaha kinda funny lol