Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Essay 3 Links

Here are the links from two years ago.

And here are some starting places from Wikipedia and Google Search:

Illegal Immigration on Wikipedia
In the US

Anti-Latino violence on the rise.
An anti-immigrant group in Yakima
Here's a news story about them.
New laws scaring off workers.

Factory Farms


Farm labor contractors in Yakima

Farmworkers and Unions in Yakima

Minuteman Project



Anonymous said...

Once again, good links for our essay! :D THANKS!!!! :D

Martin said...

I read one of the articles on violence against Hispanics, and i thought it was weird it took place during national Hispanic heritage month.

Elizabeth said...

@ Kayla, something tells me your going to have a super awesome paper with all this info to look at. lol

AMH6871 said...

The links are good the the essay but still need more on my own research.

Anonymous said...

@Elizabeth... soooo you know how I told you I pounded out my paper yesterday in 5hrs? Well.. I totally couldn't find this link (and the other ones I thought were great)... until right now lol... sooo they're not in my paper :( hahaha kinda funny lol