Thursday, November 10, 2011

Farmworker Housing

Farmworker Housing notes

Powerpoint--caution big file and pdf


Elizabeth said...

BIG THANK YOU! This is much appreciated.

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Great stuff, thanks a lot for the information. It'll be helpful for my essay.

Eva Chavez said...


Blueberries and Ribs
for Linwood Powell, home from Iraq

Everything’s gone.

I got a stomach full of ribs.

Took some to my friend from North Dakota,

the one who brags on his recipe,

the one who’s seen war, too. He called and said,

Your friend can cook.

Kept a few for Dad. Amy had some.

Everyone got a taste.

And it was so good. The smoke

and easy peel of the pig. When the last rib

was clean, I collected everything in tin foil,

set the bones in the can outside

and thought of your family.

Nothing’s gone.

We ate the last of the blueberries on New Year’s Day,

frozen from a summer U-Pick in Naches.

It was word of mouth at Amy’s work. Someone said,

Blueberries this weekend. That’s how people knew.

Mennonite women, bonnets and skirts,

directed cars to a parking lot in a field.

Families came and went. Sun low in the sky.

We were given buckets, led down a row and told,

This is your spot.

Ella ate as much as she picked. Whit rested in his car seat.

We gathered gallons. Enough to make pancakes

and pies and cobbler. Enough to have blueberries

with ice cream at night and on cereal in the morning.

We turned cream blue.

They’ve kept me thinking about summer,

about when things will warm back up.

I’m not close to saying what it was like, Linwood.

Or what it has to do with manhole covers you can’t drive over.

Or the beret you brought home and threw away.

But out in Naches, on the old highway

just over the hill from home, there’s this abundance.

This ease. We comb the bushes

and berries spill from our hands by the hundreds.

By: Dan Peters

Bug79 said...

Cheers to a great Professor.This will help tremendously. Much Thanks!!

Anna Diaz said...

This was very helpful even though I am not writing about farmworker housing it gave me an idea of how they lived.

MRT said...

This will be very helpful for my 3rd essay. I find it ridiculous that people aren't willing to adapt to new situation even if it benefits people less fortunate than them.

Margarita said...

Thank you for yor information.That will help me to get quotes from the book.