Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 16

All we got is the family unbroken. Like a bunch of cows, when the lobos are ranging stick all together.
--Ma Joad

page 169-170


Katie said...

Oh my god! So I couldn't watch all of this, I paused it as soon as the lions started chasing after the buffalo. I can't watch things like this it's upsetting. So what exactly was the purpose of you posting this? I may have seen this already, the title under the video says family sticks together. Dont the buffalo go back for the one that got attacked and run the loins off, and the injured buffalo gets back up and walks away. Well I'm not gonna sit and watch the video but I'm pretty sure that's what happens, it's a happy ending so I'll stick with that!

Elizabeth said...

This movie totally illustrates the meaning of Ma's quote! Great job Mr.Peters on finding this.

JIH said... does have a happy ending. And this clip does do a great job of illustrating the meaning of Ma's quote. Families do need to stick together, the closer you are the stronger you are.

Eva Chavez said...

This is amazing, what Ma said was strong, but after I see her words illustrated in this video I got stronger and now it is stick in my mind. And it is true that a united and big family would be strong anytime.

Kayla "Pack-a-nerds" said...

It was very sad... however I could see the relationship between this video clip and GoW... very interesting how they were comparable :)