Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Treatment of Immigrants

en espanol.


sal said...

this is a web site of some labor camps and it gives some detail on the camps.

Curt Maberry Farm Inc
Labor Camp
920 Birch Bay Lynden Road
Lynden, WA 98264-9489 map

Martin said...

WOW! This really is a sad story and I feel bad for the mom, but you can't expect to get sympathy from people who like sheriff Joe who already have an agenda.

Elizabeth said...

Sadly I do not speak spanish so I did not understand what was going on with the exception of what Mr. Peters told us. Could someone summarize please?

dcp said...
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Eva Chavez said...

I understand that the people that come illegally here are breaking the law, but that does not mean that they deserve to be treated like dogs. It was enough that the woman had an ICE agent next to her, so she could not “scape”, but it’s ridiculous and inhuman to have the woman with handcuffs and chains while she was giving a birth to her baby. What woman can run after giving a birth if they get a lot of pain and weak after delivering a baby? And the worst and saddest thing for that woman is that the agent even let the woman to hold for at least a minute her baby. I am wonder if the ICE agent didn’t thought to put handcuffs and chains to the baby, I mean that would be as ridiculous as what they did to the woman.

Anna Diaz said...

What a sad story. I can't believe that poor woman had to go through that. I still don't understand how people can treat those who come from other places for a better life like crap. Some people are just heartless.