Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 35

Day 35 English 101 Fall 2009

Quiz Tomorrow over 23-28—If you aren’t reading the book, you won’t do well on your essay.

Essay 2: Some returned, some not. I lost track of who read their pieces and who didn’t. Check your scores now and see if I added in your points for reading. Also, check my math. I’ll talk more about the second essay when they are all returned. They may not be all returned until next Monday.

Essay 3

The idea with this second “academic” essay is to back off a little and let you find the right approach. For the WHT we walked through it together. Found examples of warnings and exodus in class, direct quotes, and we found websites to help with research and talked a lot about organization and thesis statements.

For this essay, the process is more open. For example, rather than find the quotes, we found the chapters to look in. This is the next step in writing a good essay. If you are pointed in the right direction, can you find the evidence on your own to support your main idea? (The step after this, one that instructors will want you to be able to do, is to decide on your topic and thesis by yourself and then find good evidence without being pointed in the right direction). For essay three, we’re still walking through it but not holding hands. You have narrowed topics and some help finding the information to support it.

The Writing Process.

Prewrite—Read, Discuss, Write, Annotate—Freewrite, Cluster, Questions, Research

Tentative Thesis—There are similarities between the Grapes of Wrath and the Yakima Valley

Organize into rough outline:

We could do this for two right now: Similar immigration experiences or Farmworker housing—these have ready made structures. Look for these when you’re picking your paper topic. The others will eventually have these, but they aren’t clear right away. Sometimes the organization won’t happen until you’ve written the rough draft and stand back.

The robot one seems this way to me. What are the body paragraphs going to be for that? Maybe different types or agribots, or agribots for one paragraph and automation in the fields for another and then maybe gps technology for the third, or automation for different parts of the ag. industry? Soft fruit, veg, dairy for example. But I don’t know and won’t until I do some research and the details begin to form pattern.

Draft—we will again have time in class on Thursday to get the rough draft started.



Final Draft

Let’s try this now: Using your lists of interchapters you found yesterday (can we put these back on the board?), find quotes that you could use to compare (find similarity) to the Yakima Valley. Make a list in a notebook—use the left hand margin line to put the page numbers in and write down all the quotes you think might be useful. Better to have too many at this stage. After you’ve been through all the interchapters, do the same thing for the “Joad” chapters. You should have pages of notes by the time you’re done with this step. When I was in high school we made notecards of these quotes for our research project. 20 is a minimum number—again more is better. The notecards are good because they can be moved around in the “organization” stage.
If you take notebook quotes and make notecards out of them, you can begin to edit the list down somewhat.

For tomorrow: a list of 10 quotes from GoW that are related to your topic. Include page numbers. (10pts prewriting). One bonus point for every five quotes after 10.


sal said...

its scared to see how far robots have come and how all the book talks about can relate to today and some of our issues maybe history is repeating its self anybody else feel this way

Anonymous said...

This will be a good exercise that will get our minds pumping and thinking about good quotes for our essay :)

Elizabeth said...

That slide show was amazing, it provided some great sources and more ideas for my research. Great job Mr. Peters.

AMH6871 said...

This will help us find great facts from the book. Also the slide show really helped on how to organize our papers.

lps said...

sal history is repeating itself for sure. But now the machines are far more advanced. WIth the growing population people need jobs and robots and out of the country people are.