Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 32

Day 31 English 101 Fall 2011

1. Bonus Points. And tonight.

2. Essays back in about a week. Less or more.

3. Illustrated Grapes of Wrath—This will take today and part of tomorrow. It’s meant as a quick review before we work on the final essay.

a. For each section (2-3 people per group)

i. Title for section

ii. Quote from the section.

iii. Three Panel Illustration from the section

4. Chapters

a. 16a (185)

b. 16b (185 to end),

c. 18a (214)

d. 18b (214-end)

e. 20a (259)

f. 20b (260 to end)

g. 22

h. 24

5. Read Chapter 30—You will not be ready for the way the book ends.

6. Come Monday with an idea of what you would like to write your third essay about.


AMH6871 said...

Today was a very interesting day. Getting put and groups and finding things in the chapter really helped review the book. Also made us see that the whole group of Joads are falling apart.

Katie said...

This was a fun exercise today, It was helpful in refreshing everyones memory on the past chapters. And it was also fun to see everyones pictures and what they found was the most significant pieces in their chapters.

Anna Diaz said...

Today was a good day in class. Getting in groups and discussing the chapters helps us get a clear view of what others viewed. Im glad were getting close to the end of the book. Grapes of Wrath is a good book to read :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy to have had a review, not so hot on having to draw. I'm not an artist by any means.

JIH said...

I like the reviews we have in class, Mr. Peters does a great job of coming up with fun activities that get us involved and help us better understand.

Kayla "Pack-a-nerds" said...

This was a good activity but it was also kind of tough trying to dig through all the great events in the story and try to depict only 3 that would encompass that whole chapter. However, it was good and very helpful. I know this book inside and out now :P