Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 31

English 101 Day 31

1. H/W: Read through chapter 29 for tomorrow.

2. Bonus points—Poetry reading tonight from 7-8pm in Writing Center. (tonight, instead of 5 bonus points, Hiler’s reading will be worth 7 bonus points to sweeten the pot).

3. Right after this class, too. 1130-1220 creative writing class.

4. Self-evaluation cover sheet.

5. Hand in final draft of essay two.

6. O/R Y/N?

a. Y= +2 pts

b. N= +/- 0 pts

c. Y= One page, from anywhere in the essay for narrative. And intro/conclusion in the literary analysis essays.

7. Meet here tomorrow, not the lab.


Anonymous said...

It was interesting to hear a bit of everyone's papers :) I was surprised at how different our stories were and our different writing types. Great job guys :)

Anna Diaz said...

Today was a good day in class. I'm glad lot of us chose to read our papers, all the stories were interesting. Some people have quite an imagination :)

Katie said...

It was nice getting to hear bits of everyones essay. It makes me want to sit down and read their whole essay. I like that we do this and that we get points for participating.

Elizabeth said...

The poetry guy was interesting, I had a hard time understanding him when he had his back to me. On the other side though he wrote about interesting topics.

JIH said...

I agree, reading allowed does get us involved and it was interesting to hear bits of everyone's essay.