Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 38

Day 38 English 101 Fall 2011

1. OWS is cleared out like a Hooverville on the edge of town. What happens next?

2. Bonus Points—Poetry Reading Tonight Night at Writing Center—10 pts. Did that get your attention? 7pm.

3. Bonus points Wednesday 16th, 9am, 11am, 1pm in the Writing Center.

4. Peer Editing

a. In groups of four.

b. Trade papers with another person (don’t hand them around the table, trade them with one other person) and read each other’s silently, marking as you go.

c. Complete the peer editing form on both sides.

d. Discuss with author—go over every question point of the form.

e. Author asks questions they still have.

f. Repeat in another pair at your table.

5. Hand in one copy of your essay with two questions at the top for the peer editor in the other class to address. This should be the essay with only your last four of your SID.

6. Thursday we will meet here to complete peer editing.


Anonymous said...

It was interesting peer editing in class today.. the essay I edited was a literary analysis paper... which was a bummer cuz then I couldn't get more ideas on ways to improve my paper.. but that person's paper was still good :) Peer editing was helpful today... now we get tomorrow to fix it and get it ready for Thursday :)

Anna Diaz said...

It was interesting correcting a paper that was a different topic then my own but it was well written and had a lot of support. It gave me an idea on how to improve my paper.

Katie said...

More editing, went well. I got a lot of good feedback. The comments from everyone seem to be improved since the start of the quarter.