Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Web Evaluation Exercise

Using Guest workers/Immigration as a model.

What is credible?

Has it been edited/reviewed? (avoid the ~ in the URL)
Is the author an expert or a guy in his pajamas?
Is it trying to sell you something?
Does it have a "works cited" section?
Are there clues to bias?
Do they over-rely on emotion?
Does it looks cheesy?


Guest workers in WaPo

Guest workers won't work

Guest Workers won't work


If we look closer...

Let's try again

Look closer and...

How about on the other side?

To be "fair"


stephen said...

Research material online can be a bit confusing, I appreciate the tips on finding credible sources.

Anonymous said...

This was good information! :) Some of the stuff about websites I thought were ok (like .org being credible) are actually not.. so it was good to get more tips on making sure sources are actually credible.

Martin said...

The library offers a workshop on how to research topics online. I attended last year and it was really informing.

Elizabeth said...

@ Martin- I agree, the library searches help weed out what is useful and what is not.

Eva Chavez said...

Thank you for helping us to get better reliable research sources, because it is always a problem to find good ones.

Anna Diaz said...

I'm glad we went over how to determine what information is credible and which is not. It's good to know how to find and watch for edited information.

Bug79 said...

Finding Info on line is tricky. I am thankful to have gotten this info during class.Thank you for the heads up.