Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 36

Day 36 English 101 Fall 2011

Quiz over 23-28—If you aren’t reading the book, you won’t do well on your essay.

Back in groups for Essay 3: 10 quotes, share with table. Give page numbers.

Noah in 2009.

Some tips on research.

Let’s look at a few more links.

For tomorrow: We will be in the lab for an hour of “discovery draft” writing time.


Anonymous said...

Good class today :) Got a lot of good quote ideas for Essay #3 :)

Elizabeth said...

@ Kayla- I agree, class was great & I liked the idea of sharing just page numbers not the actual quote.

AMH6871 said...

i wish we could of read some of the quotes, like each person just picked one of the quotes and read it that way we call can ALL write a great paper... why keep good quotes to yourself when you can help everyone out.

sal said...

i also liked doing it in groups but doing it as a class would have helped to maybe half and half

Anna Diaz said...

I'm glad we got to share not our actual quotes but the page numbers of where we got the quotes. There were so many page numbers which I found very useful to find good quotes.

Bug79 said...

I had 22+ quotes. Now I gotta find a place for em all. Also I am glad others joined my table, now I have peers to share my rough draft with Tuesday.:)

Katie said...

This was nice that we shared our quotes with everyone, or rather our page numbers, some people found quotes on different pages than others, so it was helpful.