Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 42

Day 42 English 101 Fall 2011

1. How to Grade Essay 3—Rubric review.

2. Hand in final draft of essay 3.

3. O/R

a. Y= first and last paragraphs

b. N= No reading

c. A plate of peas

d. Y=+/- 0

e. N= +/- 0

4. Two more assignments

a. Portfolio Review

b. Cover Letter

5. Next week: MLA Death Match 2011; Leon Lett, Leon Washington, Lindsey Jacobelis and the Tour De Dumb.


Anna Diaz said...

I'm glad we are finally done with our last essay. I'm sure a lot of my classmates wrote good papers.I was surprised on how many of us actually chose to read our papers. The pea story was interesting.

Katie said...

I can't believe you did that to us, that pea story was great, and guilting us into reading our essays..Haha! That was good I'm not gonna lie.

sal said...

yes the pea story is a good one that book is very good fulled with little stories like that one, and yes being done with the last essay is a big relief almost done.

Anonymous said...

Haha... kinda bummed we didn't get points but it was still good to read aloud..... and about the pea story.. my mom pulls stuff like that on me all the time haha.... you did it for money... you can do it for love lol

Betty Boop said...


JIH said...

It is good to be finished with the last essay, now the revisions. As for the pea story, that would not work on me, for one thing I wouldn't eat gross food for money, and I could come up with arguments against love.