Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does it Matter where you go to college?

NYTimes debates this question.


Michael said...

I definitely agree with David Breneman in this discussion. I myself am looking at the possiblity of attending graduate school, and to be even considered for acceptance into one, I feel that I must attend an academically strong undergraduate college or university.

Anonymous said...

i went to WSU last year and from personal experience i can say i enjoyed this quarter at YVC more than i enjoyed WSU the whole year combined. the teachers are better, the people are better, i actually enjoy my classes and look forward to them. i've made more friends in the last 3 and a half months than i made all last year and i'm positive it had to do with the school and the type of people that go to these schools. So from an academic standpoint, i agree that it's just a matter of prestige and boasting. from an experience standpoint, i obviously prefer a small college over a large one any day.

rachel said...

Most of the people I talked to about college said you are better off if u go to a JC instead of a bigger named college. since is bigger college you don't get the one on one with the teachers. So you would get a better education a a JC right?