Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 35

English 101 Day 35 Fall 2010

The writing process.

a. Planning

i. Assess the situation.

1. Subject
2. Sources
3. Purpose and audience
4. Length
5. Reviewers and deadlines

ii. Exploring ideas

1. Talking and listening.
2. Annotating texts
3. Listing
4. Clustering
5. Freewriting
6. Asking journalist’s questions

iii. Formulating a tentative thesis

iv. Sketching a plan

b. Drafting

i. Introductions and thesis

ii. Body

iii. Conclusion

c. Revising

i. Global

ii. Revising and editing sentences

2. Essay 3 Prompt and due dates (Rough 11/22; Final 11/29)

3. Personal Experience

a. Rites of passage? When did you know you were an adult? (or not a child…)
b. Road trips.
c. Vacations.
d. Moves.
e. Hikes.
f. Camps.
g. How did you arrive in Yakima.
h. Illness/injury.
i. Accidents.
j. Addiction.
k. Depression/psychological.
l. Divorce/relationship.
m. Friendships.
n. Moments of sudden growth

4. Observation (Second hand experiences)

a. How did your family arrive in Yakima?
b. Grandparents/parents/siblings/relatives/friends.

5. Imagination

a. Invent your own hero.
b. Take Scout, Jem, Boo or Dill on a second journey.


Sheryl Miller said...

I thought I would be at a loss trying to find what to write about, but now I have too many ideas. Today was a great brainstorming session.

EmilyMurphy said...

Today was very helpful for thinking of ideas, i still have no idea what i want to write about though.

Monica said...

It's really hard to decide on what I should write about.. I think I have a prett good idea but, it's real personal so I'm going to have to separate myself as much as possible.