Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 44

Fall 2010 English 101 Day 44

1. Narrative Rubric Point Spread

2. Hand in Essay 3

3. O/R: Y/N?

a. A Plate of Peas

4. Hand in Plot Log

5. Homework: Portfolio Review Worksheet. Answer on your own sheet of paper.

a. Also, MLADM2KX: Round 1 (in text citations, works cited page).


Monica said...

I really enjoyed the story about peas. It kinda reminded me of my relationship with milk!! yuck

arlene said...

I really liked this essay, helped me to get over some of my past that was haunting my thought...

EmilyMurphy said...

I thought it was interesting how when we were not offered bonus points for reading our essays most of the class didn't participate including me.

rachel said...

When I first got into class I was ready to read because of the extra points...but when he said no points gained or lost.. ummm I didn't want to read anymore:)

Anonymous said...

I agree. writing this hero's journey was cathartic in a way. i was nice to revisit and remember a time in my life where i overcame adversity.