Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 36

English 101 Day 35:

Exploring Ideas, continued

Personal Experience

a. Rites of passage? When did you know you were an adult? (or not a child…)
b. Road trips.
c. Vacations.
d. Moves.
e. Hikes.
f. Camps.
g. How did you arrive in Yakima.
h. Illness/injury.
i. Accidents.
j. Addiction.
k. Depression/psychological.
l. Divorce/relationship.
m. Friendships.
n. Moments of sudden growth

4. Observation (Second hand experiences)
a. How did your family arrive in Yakima?
b. Grandparents/parents/siblings/relatives/friends.

5. Imagination
a. Invent your own hero.
b. Take Scout, Jem, Boo or Dill on a second journey.

Next Steps:
A. Pick one and answer the five questions:
Who, What, Where, When and Why?
B. Freewrite 10 minutes

Creative Non-fiction: Ethics and Edicts

H/O Rubric
Homework: Read handout: 102-117 for Friday.


Sheryl Miller said...

Today in class, when Dan was talking about Veterans Day, it reminded me of three incidents that happened to three of my relatives during three different wars. It will be your fault Dan, if my head explodes from all the ideas you have given me.

EmilyMurphy said...

Today was very interesting and helpful and now i think i know what i am going to pick for my topic.

arlene said...

What if we dont really have a heros journey and life just kinda sucks in general? Because my life is seriously depressing.

Emily said...

i know exactly how arlene feels, nothing exciting has really happened to me, so im not sure what to do, i dont have much of an imagination either....

Monica said...

I think that i'm going to write about something that was very difficult but the end result was wonderful