Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 38

English 101 Day 38
1. Essays back 1030 overview

2. Essays back today, tomorrow and Thursday for 930 class

3. Creating characters

a. Gradually revealing characters—peal the onion slowly.
b. Names—meaning and avoiding confusion.
c. Adding depth and personality

d. Characterization:
i. Telling
ii. Actions
iii. Conversations
iv. Feelings

v. Names exercise?

e. Checklist

4. Tips on Dialogue

In two's: I'm sorry but…

Movies with great dialogue: Tarantino, Juno, Linklater, Kevin Smith, Coen Brothers, David Mamet, Casablanca, China Town, Aaron Sorkin

Listen to how people talk to each other

• Most of it is the weather.
• He's like a bull in a china shop…
• Eating out.
• Waiting rooms.
• Cell phone jerks.
• At the checkout.

Read page 118, 119, 120, 121
More notes on dialogue:

Dialogue is not real speech, but it should sound like it.
• Cut words and phrases that don't move things along

Don't use dialogue provide exposition—keep it to three sentences or less

Break it up with action—remind us they are physical

Vary signal phrases, but keep it simple. Don't use elaborate signal phrases (she expostulated, he interjected)

Avoid stereotypes in dialect, but…
• Huck Finn

Don't over use slang/profanity. "Slang goes sour in a short time." --EH

Read a lot. Note good/bad

Punctuate correctly
• Use quotation marks?
• Start a new paragraph when changing speakers.

5. Homework: Read 127-133


EmilyMurphy said...

The overview from the essays was very helpful, and while talking about our third essay i learned a lot about how to use characters.

Monica said...

It helped to write down some thoughts about old memories vacation, big events, life, death