Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 29

Rough Drafts Due Today.
Groups of 4.
# paragraphs
Write 1-3 questions
Exchange with partner
Read and mark as you go.
Complete the peer review worksheet
hand peer review worksheet and essay back to author
Repeat 3 x

Hand in Rough Drafts
Hand in Finding Themes worksheet.
Bonus Points are closed for September/October.
Copy/Paste into a single document and number you posts.
Hand in posts tomorrow for Bonus Points.

November BP begins today.


EmilyMurphy said...

The peer editing really helped me and i think i will be able to make my paper much better because of it.

JoeTFischer said...

I agree. Just like last time, peer editing helped me see mistakes I would have never seen on my own. I hope we get some time tomorrow too to go through some more editing.

Sheryl Miller said...

I liked the peer editing, very helpful, and nice to see how others handle the same subject. It is so much easier to see where the other person needs to do this or that, as opposed to seeing the weak spots in your own paper.

Macey Wilson said...

Even though I came to class with a rough ROUGH copy I still got a lot of helpful ideas and by reading other peoples papers I notice common mistakes between my paper and theirs that I wouldnt notice just reading mine. However, I am still confused on the thesis for the paper.

bryan said...

I've always been a fan of peer editing. It really helped me organize my rough draft today, that's for sure! it's also helping me re-write it.... completely. haha. I've decided to take a new route in my essay, but keeping it reasonably within 5 pages seems like it'll be more difficult than the actual writing. :/

bryan said...
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Monica said...

I really enjoy peer editing because it helps my to get other opions about my paper, and gives me direction.