Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 45

Fall 2010 English 101 Day 45

1. Learn from Lindsay and Leon and the Tour De Dumb

2. Homework: Cover Letter and Revised Final, Final Draft due Friday.

3. Hand in Portfolio Revision Worksheet.

4. MLADM2KX: Round 1.
a. Put that coffee down! Coffee is for closers!

5. Tomorrow, round two: MLADM2KX: Black Ops.

6. Tomorrow, also, all bp from comments on the blog. Cut and paste into a document and number the comments.


Monica said...

You know that is so true about when you get so close to finishing something that a person gets to comfortable and starts to slack off!! Myself included but after the pep talk from Mr. Peters today made me think?!?! Thanks!

Emily said...

MLADM2KX was awesome. go group 6! we came from behind, now were 5th, not 6th hahha. :)

frnkburns2@gmail.com said...

MLADM2KX was pretty good, GO TEAM 1,10:30 class!

EmilyMurphy said...

I also start to slack off once i get closer to the end and now I'm going to try not too do that because its not productive.

Anonymous said...

MLA: Black Ops was trippin' today. even though my group lost and had to settle for the complimentary gift basket of fruits and soaps, it was still fun and i was just glad to be on the show and say hi to my parents on tv. congrats to the winning group. enjoy your caddy with 24's... i mean 5 bonus points.

rachel said...

Every time my group would second guess our answers we would get it wrong.. and after we got out i knew all the answers :/ grrr. I wanted those points :)

cody said...

Leon sounds like a terrible footbal player.

Cody said...
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