Thursday, September 29, 2011

Links, lots and lots of links

Links for Katrina, Climate Change, China, Credit Crisis.
Enough to write a paper about each topic.

Climate Change and Dust Bowls, from TODAY'S PAPER

Complete coverage at NYTimes of Credit Crisis

A One Year Anniversary Report on the Bank Crisis from NYTimes

ABC News: Dust Bowl and Katrina

Teaching Tolerance Lesson Plan

NPR Katrina and Dust Bowl

NPR WHT and Dust Bowl

NYTimes on comparing the exodus

New Dust Bowl in AZ? Washington Post, also

New Dust Bowl in South Dakota? Big Time Drought.

From GW Bush's Katrina Speech:

In the life of this nation, we have often been reminded that nature is an awesome force and that all life is fragile. We're the heirs of men and women who lived through those first terrible winters at Jamestown and Plymouth, who rebuilt Chicago after a great fire and San Francisco after a great earthquake, who reclaimed the prairie from the dust bowl of the 1930's. Every time, the people of this land have come back from fire, flood and storm to build anew, and to build better than what we had before. Americans have never left our destiny to the whims of nature and we will not start now.

Pine Beetle & Grasshopper plague search inside feature

Katrina on Wikipedia

Dust Bowl on Wikipedia

Don't use Wikipedia for academic research?

Whole entry here.

Cashmere bubble bursts

Is this good for the air?


kwilso73 said...

thanks for the links I couldn't belive that almost the same thing is happing in china

JIH said...

Thanks for making the class exciting and worth going to. The links are also interesting to look at, and read to actually figure out what is happening now.

Katie said...

These links are very informing and useful, Thanks for taking the time to find all of these.

Unknown said...
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