Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 8

Fall 2011 English 101 Day 8

Quiz Thursday over sections 1 and 2 (Promise and Betrayal)

Bonus Points?

Information Literacy Workshops

Reading Schedule Change—Tonight, Read chapter 16—Black Sunday

Consider essay options: Katrina (warnings, evacuation, recovery, race); Global warming (insects, desertification, current droughts); Banking crisis (boom/bust, frozen credit, no regulation, greed, bubbles); Chinese dust storms (over grazing, over use of land, booming economy, environmental crisis).

By Friday, you should have some idea of which broad topic you will cover.

If you know now, you should be combing through WHT for evidence/quotes and paying attention in class when we mention your topic.

For comparing to today, I'll keep posting links, but research takes time--you should plan on doing some of this over the weekend.

Complete the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from “Betrayal”

What is the big picture of 1935?

What are the big themes?

We’ve seen:

Failure to learn from history

Failure to heed warnings

Environmental devastation brought on by






Indifference to the problem by Feds/Rest of us

And on the plus side:

The human spirit

Self reliance

Community building

Connection to the land

Resilience & Persistence

Hopes & Dreams


The Long Darkness

Find the best, most startling statistic.

Information about the Exodus/Evacuation

Similarities to New Orleans

Ideas of Hugh Bennett

Showdown in Dalhart

Find the best, most startling statistic

Explain the showdown—who is it between?

Reading: Tonight Ch 16

Quiz Thursday over Sections 1 and 2 and chapters 12 and 14.

If you’ve read the book with a pencil/pen you’ll do fine.


Anonymous said...

Once again... another great exercise that really helped me gain a better understanding of the book and how it is significant. Plus... very good quiz prep :)

kwilso73 said...

thanks for the excersice it help bring out the details.

JIH said...

It was good quiz prep, plus an exercise that helped us understand what we read.

AMH6871 said...

Overall very helpful and will help me on the up coming quiz.

Katie said...

I Looove the excersizes we do in class! First off it motivates me to read, so that way if we ever have an exersize i am prepared for it, and also I find that they help us pick out the important sections in each chapter and we can make note of anything we may have missed or not fully understood when we read through the book ourselves.