Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 9

Fall 11 English 101 Day 9

Quiz WHT Sections 1 and 2

Slides on Outline WHT Essay

(Whole to Whole or Point to Point?)

Here’s my pitch for Katrina (as opposed to the other choices, except maybe Chinese dust storms). How my son was working on his numbers yesterday.

Reading schedule: 17-18 tonight, 21, 23 Friday night. Chapter 25 Saturday. Epilogue Sunday.

No class on Monday.
Meet in lab on Tuesday to work on Rough Draft.
Not sure about class on Wednesday.
Rough Draft Due THURSDAY. Final still due Monday.

Time for looking at the links.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the schedule changes :) I probably would've been the one to go on the day we didn't need too. I don't know the reason for no class but it'll be a really good opportunity for us to work on our RD for our essay :)

kwilso73 said...

thanks for posting the changes on the reading and for the due date on the paper. I really apperciate that you went over how the intro paragraph and the body of the paragraphs should look like. It helped.

JIH said...

Thanks for the laughs today in class. The white castle double cheeseburger is a great way of showing what needs to be in a good body paragraph. Also thanks for posting the reading schedule change, it is nice to be able to look back, and make sure we are doing the right readings.

Unknown said...

The links are very useful and give me an idea of what to include in my essay. Also, reviewing each step on writing the essay was really helpful.

AMH6871 said...

After class i have decided to write about katrina, and not because you said so but because i can write more about katrina plus the subject is more interesting.

Katie said...

Thank you for clearing everything up, i'm so greatful that you're taking us through all the steps of the writing process, it is helping me a lot.

Betty Boop said...

It's been very helpfull posting all kinds of different web sites/links and videos , that way it gives us an idea on our thesis and essay.

Anonymous said...

@AMH6871 (I think it's Amber yay or nay?) but I decided to write on Katrina as well... cuz I was thinking about doing credit crisis and stuff... but I think it's a good idea to do Katrina, especially with this being the first essay of the term and stuff. Good luck with your papers everyone! :) Hope you enjoyed our one no school day ;)

Nich said...

Completely random but I found this song about the dust bowl. It's called the dust bowl dance and it's from Mumford and sons. I thought it was pretty cool. Check it out