Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 10

Fall 11 English 101 Day 10

1. Bonus Points?

2. No class Monday.

3. Read the remaining chapters listed in your schedule for Tuesday.

4. Meet in lab on Tuesday. If you have a good start on the rough draft we can talk about the essay during class.

5. Rough Draft Due Thursday.

6. Thesis statement due Wednesday.

7. Evacuation/Exodus in the chapters 16, 17 and 18?

8. Restoration in chapters 17 and 18?

9. Intro and Conclusions.

10. So far, we’ve done:

a. some pre-writing, (discussion, research, reading, listing)

b. We’ve talked about working thesis statements.

c. We’ve discussed outlines and intros and conclusions.

d. Now it’s time to work on rough drafts.

e. Next week, Thursday and Friday, we’ll work on revision.

f. Final drafts/presentation due on Monday October 10th.


JIH said...

Thanks for the reminders and thanks for all the tips on writing a good thesis.

AMH6871 said...

Having Mr Peters go over what we can put for a hook really helped. I might do a short story or an interesting fact.

Katie said...

I am so happy that Mr. Peters is helping us with this first essay, i've never had such an involved instructor before, usually we get a topic and thats that, I feel like I'm actually being taught rather than just thrown out there without any guidance.

Betty Boop said...

Mr. Peters you make it easier for us to begin a Thesis and an essay. Thnak you for the tips on writting a good paper.