Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 6

Fall 2011 English 101 Day 6

Bonus Points?

Information Literacy Workshops

Names Quiz

The Writing Process

a. Planning

  • i. Talking and listening
  • ii. Annotating texts
  • iii. Listing
  • iv. Clustering
  • v. Freewriting
  • vi. Asking journalists questions
b. Draft a working thesis (C1-c)

c. Sketch a plan (C1-d)

d. Draft (C2)

e. Revisinig (C3)

f. Final Draft

g. Publish/Present (C5)

2. Draft a working thesis

a. Katrina

b. Credit Crisis

c. China/Australia/Texas/Southwest Dust storms

d. Global Warming/Climate change

Last Friday we talked about Katrina and thesis statements. (Egan interview handout to 1255 class and review with 1030 class).

Thesis: Main idea. 1-3 sentences. Arguable. Usually at end of introduction. Narrow and specific. Roadmap? (often three points work well in a 3-6 page essay, but you could slice it lots of ways).

We might change some of these terms. You could substitute/add climate change or race into the conversation about Katrina and WHT, for example.

For the purpose of walking us through the first essay, I’m going to use Katrina as a working thesis. Last week we found good evidence of the “ample warnings”.

Let’s try to find evidence of the “massive exodus” in WHT.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Now, more generally, “Betrayal” Notes In groups of four

Ch 6-10—Foolishness






Ch 6-10—Characters

The human spirit

Self reliance

Community building

Connection to the land

Resilience & Persistence (tough, tough mothers)

Hopes & Dreams


What is the big picture of 1935?

What are the big themes?


We’ve seen:

Failure to learn from history

Failure to heed warnings

Environmental devastation brought on by





Indifference to the problem by Feds/Rest of us


And on the plus side:

The human spirit

Self reliance

Community building

Connection to the land

Resilience & Persistence (tough, tough mothers)

Hopes & Dreams



Reading: Tonight Ch 12

Quiz Thursday over Sections 1 and 2


Anonymous said...

Going over the writing process in class has helped lots! I've always kinda known how to do it.. but this has helped reassure me and has helped me learn how to write a stronger paper. The "A Writer's Reference" book has helped too... great tool.

JIH said...

I think reviewing the writing process is always good. It might be really boring and people already know it, but most people when writing skip over important steps and their paper reflects on that and doesn't turn out as well as it could have.

kwilso73 said...

Thanks for going over the writing process. It's been seven years since I took a english class. It really helped.

peaceOFmind said...

Going through the writing process was very helpful gave a good refresher and gave us a good base for out paper.

Katie said...

I'm liking how thorough you've been on explaining the writing process, I know a lot of us have had other English classes but this is the best that I can ever remember being given this much insight into the all of the steps involved in writing a paper, it's really clearing a lot up.