Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 2

Fall 2011 English 101 Day 2

1. Dust Bowl Video, Complete syllabus reading (1030 clas only)

2. Bonus point opportunities

1. Library Workshops

3. Names--Quiz Monday.

4. Questions about me.

5. Questions about the class.

6. Read actively (A1)

1. Lean in—make assumptions and ask questions

2. Highlighters not good here, but ok other places

3. Not in bed

4. Establish a routine

7. The Writing Process (this may have to wait for tomorrow)

1. Hacker C1-b Checklist

2. Planning (prepared summary at tables)

1. Talking and listening

2. Annotating texts

3. Listing

4. Clustering

5. Freewriting

6. Asking journalists questions

3. Form tentative thesis (C1-c)

4. Sketch a plan (C1-d)

5. Draft (C2)

6. Revisinig (C3)

7. Final Draft

8. Publish/Present (C5)

HW: Read WHT: Introduction and Book Preview Hand out if we don't get it done in class.


Anonymous said...

I was sooo glad we went over these components of the writing process in class, because even though we may all know them... it was good to review and even learn parts of the process I didn't know about.

JIH said...

I think it is always good to review, but in this case I learned new ways of planning. Thanks Mr. Peters.

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed the book preview of the Worst Hard Time. I learned some words I didn't know as well as got to know a little about the book before diving in head first.