Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 1

English 101 Day 1

1. Learning begins with questions. –Aristotle

2. What is your dream for after college?

a. What dream have you given up on?

3. What is your goal this quarter?

4. What do you have to get done this week?

5. Group the tables

6. The Dust Bowl

7. Assumptions

a. Right

b. Class

c. Teacher

8. Questions

a. Front

b. Class

c. Teacher
9. Syllabus

10. Rewrite questions about the class


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great first day to a new term everyone! :D

JIH said...

Agreed. Mr. Peters you did a great job on making the first day fun....and not so scary for the people that were brand new to college. Also thanks for making the class interesting.

Unknown said...
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Elizabeth said...

Mr. Peters, I always enjoy your approach to the opening day of classes.