Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 20

English 101 Fall 2010 Day 20

1. Homework: Chapters 12-13
2. And complete first half (1-11) for “Tracking Themes TKAM”

3. Essays back today, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday.

4. Hand in study guides.

5. “Quiz” over first 11 chapters

6. Who are the spokespeople for each prejudice? These may be “negative” spokespeople (reinforcing prejudices) or they may be helpers and mentors espousing “positive” attitudes (such as undercutting) about these prejudices.

7. How to use Amazon search inside.


EmilyMurphy said...

The amazon search inside tool is very helpful and the quiz today helped me understand the book a little better.

orozco.alejandra said...

It showed how much people are understanding and reading!! Which we did really well.. Its aloota reading!

bushyy0421 said...

The Tracking Themes worksheet helped a lot. I'll probably use them in my essay!!