Monday, October 25, 2010

Ashley Todd, Mayella Ewell on Line One


Sheryl Miller said...

That was just weird. How did the police know Ashley Todd was lying? Polygraph tests aren't even allowed in court, because it's too easy to make someone appear guilty, as well as some individuals who can lie and not have it show up on the polygraph. Since she claimed it happened while she was at an ATM, why wasn't footage investigated as possible corroborating evidence? Frankly, it was hard to listen to because the CNN reporter busy berating the news outlets that did cover her story. That, and everything else presented where like a string of "sound bites". I'd have a better chance of seeing the real story in the National Enquirer (not really lol)

Sheryl Miller said...

When I first saw TKAM (hadn't read the book yet), Mayella Ewell came across to me like the girls who by faking attacks from other females, started the whole Salem Witch Trial. The "guilty" were hanged, and they were found guilty based on the testimony of the girls, and others who joined in the hysteria.

Then again, if we just ignore someone who lies about an incident, aren't we going to more inclined to dis-believe the next victim?

Also, another tidbit is that right now in the United States, there are hundred of thousands of rape kits that haven't been processed. In LA alone, the back log is something like 15,000.