Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 18

English 101 Fall 2010 Day 18

1. Homework: Read chapters 5 and 6.

2. Bonus Point opportunity tonight. Poetry Reading at Inklings at 7 pm. Chalet Mall on 56th and Summitview.

3. Bonus point opportunity for Information Literacy. Write these down.

4. Essays back in about a week.

5. CBS Sunday Morning.

6. Setting
a. Time and Place

b. What is Maycomb like? What are its small town values?
i. Race?
ii. Class?
iii. Gender?

7. Characterization

Example: Grapes of Wrath
What do they
  • Say
    Look like
    What others say
    Their past

8. Characters so far—in groups—count by six. Try to find examples for the above list. Find quotes for the characters that show who they are—how they are characterized. Keep track of page numbers.

a. Scout
b. Jem
c. Atticus
d. Dill
e. Calpurnia
f. Boo

If there's time:

g. Mr. Radley
h. S. Crawford
i. Walter Cunningham
j. Burris Ewell
k. Miss Fisher


Sheryl Miller said...

Ugh, I wish I had been able to be in class today. My ride flaked out on me and I couldn't find a back up. I don't have money right now because I've paid all my bills for this month so I was unable to call a taxi.

I would like to know more about numbers 3 and 5 on today's post. I certainly need all the bonus points I can get(3). And CBS Sunday Morning, is it the name of a TV program to watch over the weekend(5)?

EmilyMurphy said...

Today's activity was good because it helped me better understand each of the characters and who they are.

orozco.alejandra said...

I hear you i hate paying my bills there the worst and leave holes in my pockets!! lol