Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 17

English 101 Fall 2010 Day 17

1. Bonus Point opportunity tonight. Allied Arts Open Mic 7pm. 5000 Lincoln Ave.
2. Essays back in about a week.

3. Setting

a. Time and Place
i. Ex: Greasy Lake, Grapes of Wrath

a. Time
i. Year
ii. Season
iii. Month
iv. Day of Week
v. Time of Day
vi. General Era

b. Place (physical environment)
i. Country
ii. State
iii. City
iv. Landscape
v. Climate
vi. House
vii. Yard/Surroundings

b. What is Maycomb like? What are its small town values?
i. Race?
ii. Class?
iii. Gender?
iv. Law?

4. Characterization

a. Example: Grapes of Wrath

b. Say
c. Think
d. Do
e. Look like
f. What others say
g. Their past
h. Names
5. Characters so far.


Sheryl Miller said...

I'm sad my car was rear-ended, I would have liked to have gone to the poetry readings.

EmilyMurphy said...

Going over the race and class and other things really help me understand what their lives were really like.

orozco.alejandra said...

The setting assignment helped me see what Maycomb really is! Even though there was like basically a whole chapter about Maycomb lol