Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 44

English 101 Day 44 Fall 09

  1. Monday: MLA Death Match 2K9, round one.
  2. Tuesday: Lab time? Check the blog. ESSAY 3 DUE, if you have not turned it in yet.
  3. Wednesday: One final Peer Review session, Portfolio Review due.
  4. Thursday: MLA Death Match 2K9, round two, Revenge of the Sith
  5. Friday: Final, final essays due—MUST INCLUDE MY COMMENTS ON DRAFT 2, and RUBRIC WITH SCORE. Cover letter due.
  6. Also, special guest visits from Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys and Snowboarding Legend, Lindsey Jacobellis
    and the Tour de Dumb.

MLA Death Match 2K9

  1. Four Teams enter, one team leaves
  2. First Prize: +5 BP or -1 abs
  3. Second Prize: Steak Knives
  4. Third Prize: You're fired
  5. It's on…



CMinyard said...

Group #1 rocked the class today!!! Woo-hoo!! I loved the MLA contest and look forward to doing it again second round. It did allow me to realize just how much info I have learned from English 101. I am thankful for my progress so far and moderately pleased with it.

Melanie mae said...

Yeah the contest was fun, except my group was losing! Woo-hoo for that, guess I won't be getting any steak knives, darn!

timmy_12_baseball said...

They MLA death match was and interest stragety. I was really fun and a great learning experience for the class. Hopefully many class do the same in the future!