Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 34

Day 33 English 101 Fall 2009

  1. Essay 3—Get into Groups according to interest in the topic (not including Okies/Mexicans)

Find chapters that deal with the current issue in GoW—this can include Interchapters and the Joads' story:

From Yesterday:

  1. Okies/Mexicans (or SE Asians or Chinese or…)
    1. Reasons for leaving
    2. Difficulty of the journey
    3. Treatment upon arrival
    4. Housing

For Today

  1. Corporate farming v. small farmer—In the Dust Bowl?
    1. Vertical Integration
    2. Canneries
    3. Pushing out small farmers
  2. Farm labor contractors
    1. Handbills
    2. In Hooverville
    3. Weedpatch/Just outside Weedpatch (Hooper Ranch Guy)
    4. Cotton Picking
  3. Machines taking Over
    1. Tractors in Oklahoma
    2. Tractors in California?
  4. Unions v Owners
    1. Especially Hooper Ranch
    2. "Reds"
    3. Agitators/Trouble Makers
  1. Movie, if there's time.
  2. Finish Grapes of Wrath (this is your chance!)

Final Tuesday

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