Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 46

English 101 Day 46 Fall 09

Let them sing it for you.

  1. Tuesday: ESSAY 3 DUE, if you have not turned it in yet.
  2. Wednesday: One final Peer Review session, Portfolio Review due.
  3. Thursday: MLA Death Match 2K9, round two, Revenge of the Sick

Friday: Final, final essays due—MUST INCLUDE MY COMMENTS ON DRAFT 2, and RUBRIC WITH SCORE. Cover letter due.


Melanie mae said...

I wonder if group 5 can make a comeback. Will group one win??? what will happen...who's getting the steak knives?

timmy_12_baseball said...

Group one had a good score in the first round of the MLA death match 2009! can they pull off the victory, maybe get those steak knifes, or get fired???