Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 36

English 101 Day 36

  1. Homework: For your essay topic—find, print out and bring three articles on either Mexican Immigration (departure, journey, arrival), or Farm labor contractors (bad ones, look for lawsuits), or Robots in the orchards, farms, warehouses, or Union fights in Yakima Valley, or Big Agribusiness v. Small farmers.
    1. Use synonyms, related terms.
    2. Uses Google; YVCC's one search; try Bing.
  2. Allied Arts Open Mic 7pm 5000 Lincoln Ave
  3. Poetry Slam 130 Hub Thursday
  4. I haven't said anything about this for two reasons: I didn't want to jinx it. And I don't want to have any appearance of trying to sell you something. So, this is NOT FOR BONUS POINTS: Dan Peters Book Launch November 21st 5pm Oak Hollow Gallery, Chalet Mall. www.danpeters.org
  5. Quiz 21-30
  6. Correct Quiz
  7. Chapter 30
    1. Groups of 4—Choose a scene to dramatize—must have at least three parts (two speakers and narrator) and be less than a page long. You can skip around in your pages, but try to keep it going. Practice once. You'll be in front of the class, so try to figure out how you'll sit/stand etc.
      1. Chapter 26
      2. Chapter 28
      3. 436-440
      4. 441-445
      5. 446-450


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