Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 41

Fall 09 English 101 Day 41

  1. Essays Back from Other Class. If they don't come back today, they might Monday.
  2. Here's the offer: Flexible due dates for essay three.
    1. If you turn in your essays on the assigned due date, (November 24th) I will return them to you the Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This is the original plan and allows you to choose from all three essays for one to revise. It's the safest bet.
    2. If you turn in your essay Tuesday after Thanksgiving (December 1st), I will grade it and return it to you with your grade at the end of the quarter. You won't be able to revise it for a final score. This should be an option only for those of you who know for sure you want to revise one of the first two essays and not the third. Or, it could be an option for those of you who have not yet put in the work needed on this essay for whatever reason. It's a riskier play, but one that works for some people.
  3. Making Paragraphs Coherent (Hacker page 31)
    1. Linking ideas clearly
    2. Repeating Key Words
    3. Maintaining consistency
    4. Providing transitions
      1. Sentence Level transitions
      2. Paragraph level transitions
        1. It starts with a good thesis statement
        2. Use those key words in the transitions at end of paragraphs and in the topic sentences. It's like dropping breadcrumbs for the reader.
      1. E-ex C4-2
  4. Outlines
  5. Sample essays—Noe and Betsy
  6. Monday—how to grade this essay and a group peer edit for one paper.
  7. Tuesday—essays due.

Wednesday—the plan for the final week of the quarter.

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