Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 37

English 101 Day 37

  1. If I get sick, due dates stay the same. We don't have time to adjust them.
  2. Poetry Slam 130 Hub Thursday; Diversity Series begins tonight, too. Next week MacBeth.
  3. Some Essays to return
  4. In your groups—compile a list of web resources for your topic.

    1. A second list of database resources.
  5. For three sources: Create a works cited entry (392-393) for the source. Then answer the questions on page 340 of Hacker:

    1. Authorship

      1. Who is it?
      2. Are they knowledgeable and credible? How can you tell?
    2. Sponsorship

      1. Who sponsors the site?
      2. What does the URL tell you?
    3. Purpose and Audience

      1. Why was the cite created? Argue, sell, or inform? How can you tell?
      2. Who is the sites intended audience?
    4. Currency

      1. How current is the site?
      2. How current are the links?
  6. Homework: Complete the "Evaluating Web Sources" questions listed online (and on page 340)

Tomorrow in class we will be making an outline of your paragraphs, including how you will use your evidence.

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