Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 38

English 101 Fall 09 Day 38

1. Bonus points for Slam or diversity series?
2. Get into groups by paper topic.
3. Review each source with your table and explain your answers to the questions about credibility, audience, purpose etc.

4. Write a thesis statement that sounds something like:
a. We are studying the Grapes of Wrath in the Yakima Valley because_________________.
5. Write your thesis on the board.
6. Quick clicker votes.

7. Return essays to ALMOST everybody. (Hit three 9 pagers in a row this morning.)
8. Grade check will be as soon as they repair my computer. Please say a little prayer to our digital gods for me.
9. Monday, rough drafts of Essay 3. Four copies for peer editing.

10. Tuesday Peer editing.
11. Wednesday advising day.
12. Thursday finish peer editing process. Work on Revisions/research in the lab. I’ll try to have some links by this date, but the librarians will help you anytime you ask. Make time to do this. Do it Wednesday, maybe.
13. Friday I want to talk about organization and transitions.


Tony C said...

Here is a link that to the 1 hour showing of the dustbowl that PBS had on tv. You can now watch it online, but I do not know for how much longer the link will be active. I was very impressed with this. It really hit home for me once I was able to see and relate to everything we have talked about in class.

CMinyard said...

Hi Tony;
I am in lab for English now and Deccio labs will not let me watch the film referred to here. However, I plan to visit later today at home to see it and will come back and comment on this PBS programming (as well as be aware that rabbits may have a tough time in the film), thanks for the one-up.

10:30 class