Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 14

English 101 Summer 2010 Day 14

Homework—Read TKAM Chapters 18-28 for Monday.

Study guide due Tuesday.

Tracking Themes due Wednesday.

  1. CBS Sunday Morning
  2. Hero's Journey, so far, for Scout and Atticus.
  3. Tracking Themes in TKAM—Part One
    1. Who are the spokespersons for these ideas?
    2. What are the values they reinforce?
      1. "Negative" ones?
      2. "Positive" ones?
  4. Time for: Study guide, read, tracking themes, prewrite, draft.
    1. Give yourself a goal.
    2. Here's the assignment: Demonstrate how one of the characters in TKAM follows the archetype of the eight (ten?) steps of the hero's journey. Five hundred words by the end of the period.
      1. I'll even make it worth your while—five hundred words= 5 Bonus points towards "prewriting" score or one absence.
      2. A thousand? Ok, 10 BP and 2 abs.

Try using headings (The call, the abyss, the gift etc) and then writing a paragraph for each heading.


Dave M. said...

Thank you for the time in lab to start writing - it gave me a good jump in beginning my essay. I guess what I was doing is what you call'free writing', I just wrote stuff as it came and sort of let it flow. Now I just need to go through that and take the best parts that fit what I really want to say.

Moya said...

I agree with Dave, not be a strong writer and stumbling with how and what to start with, it was a great oportunity for me to be forced to start writing things that come to mind knowing I had a limited amout of time to do it.