Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 13

English 101 Summer 2010 Day 13

Homework—Read TKAM Chapters 15-17 for Thursday.

  1. Essays back, 845.
  2. Chapters 1-11 "Quiz"
  3. Quiz on part two next Tuesday.
  4. 1-11 Review Storyboards
    1. The World's Gonna End?
  5. Hero's Journey, so far, for Scout, Jem and Atticus.
  6. Tracking Themes in TKAM—Part One
    1. Who are the spokespersons for these ideas?

Meet in the lab tomorrow.

1 comment:

Dave M. said...

I enjoyed the quiz we took on chapter 1-11, it was both uesful and entertaining. Going over everyone's story boards was good too. I was surprised how often groups would pick the exact same things to highlight, plus the pictures were funny!