Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 24

English 101 Day 24

  1. Getting Essays Back—I'll explain this better Monday when I hand back essays for the 930 class.
    1. 1030 Average (with Bonus Points) 82%
    2. We're best at Organization—paragraphs, and intros/conclusions.
    3. Biggest issues, by far, Evidence to support your points.
    4. Second biggest issue, MLA
    5. Still work to do with thesis
    6. Grades so far


  1. Prewriting, Essay 2 continued—Five senses for "Departure", Five Senses for "Journey", Five Senses for "Arrival"—pay special attention to sight, then sounds, then smell, then touch, then taste.


  1. Steinbeck's bulletin board:
    1. Chapter 14: Read aloud
    2. Paine, Marx, Jefferson—Briefly
    3. Find a quote to put on Steinbeck's bulletin board—
      1. say why it's there—maybe even point to it in the book
    4. Chapter 15: Explain how the scene in the diner is a microcosm of the whole book.
    5. How is Ma changing?
    6. Is anyone else changing?


H/W:     GoW read 17, 18 and 19 for Monday. (Quiz over 12-21 on Wednesday).

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